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000174530XX Bugs30XX Bugspublic2024-02-27 03:50
ReporterSoulwing98 Assigned ToWreckingPrograms  
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Summary0001745: Lack of Invincibility in room transfer to boss arena - Haunted challenge
DescriptionThe haunted challenge can get quite laggy when many crystals are on the screen. And with that being the case does the room transfer to the boss get stretched out in the length.
That would not be an issue, but the character is not invincible in that transition. The haunted crystals managed to hit me to death in said transition without me being able to do anything but watch me slowly die.
Steps To ReproduceActivate the haunted challenge -> Let a certain number spawn unattended till the game starts to slow down -> Use the transition door to the boss and watch the crystal shards damaging the player in the prolonged transition time.
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2023-08-22 15:01

manager   ~0056391

No damage is actually dealt during this state, but visually and audibly, it still appears that you got hit. Fixed that up so it's less misleading!

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