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Summary0001699: [02/22/2023] Co-op Store / Lab / Boss Reward Items Floating or Missing
DescriptionStarting with v0.50, player 2 in network co-op seems to have new issues where:
  1) Shop items are invisible and inaccessible (i.e. Store looks empty for player 2). Player 1 can still view and interact with items to purchase them for both players. Did not test whether purchasing a core will spawn the core in a way that is accessible to player 2.
  2) Boss rewards are jammed up into the ceiling (maybe related to the Watergrav boss bug fix?). All rewards (nut stack, power, or aug) almost look like they had upwards velocity to take them up to the ceiling, roll off any slopes up there, and then stopped at some point. Rewards are still accessible with a little effort.
  3) Very Safe Lab options are jammed up into the ceiling. Items are sometimes accessible with some vertical mobility upgrades, but can result in faceplanting into spikes trying to get them.

Player 1 (host) in these sessions does not encounter any of these issues.
Steps To ReproduceEncountered only for player 2 in online co-op for all kinds of runs (Vanilla Daily, Flavor Daily, Vanilla Weekly, and Entropy runs - Flavor Weekly and standard run untested). Both players were Ace. Didn't matter who hosted, the one who joined an online host saw the effects.
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2023-02-23 22:24

administrator   ~0049361

Fixed for 0.50.1.

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