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000166430XX BugsGeneralpublic2022-10-12 17:49
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PlatformEpic GamesOSWindows 10 Home 
Summary0001664: Hawk Unplayable with Controller
DescriptionAt least with the Epic Games version of 20XX, using a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller in my case, Hawk is unplayable using a controller layout. Hawk is unable to perform their whip attack unless you're playing on a keyboard; instead choosing to stick their arm out with nothing coming out. They are still able to use powers, but without their whip to recover NRG they are essentially unplayable after the first 10 seconds.
Steps To Reproduce-Boot up 20XX on Epic Games with a gamepad selected as your choice of input
-Select Hawk as your character
-Attempt to use their whip attack using said controller
-Hawk will simply stick their arm out with no whip coming out
Additional InformationIf this character is going to be paid DLC, I would expect to be able to play it with the controller this game "greatly encourages" me to use before the title screen. I don't want to have to use an objectively harder control scheme to play this game every time I want to use this character.
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2022-10-12 17:49

administrator   ~0027938

Hi there - shoot me an email with your log.txt file. (chris AT batterystaple DOT com.)

This isn't a 30XX bug, and there's probably some weird controller config business going on - Hawk works for most players on EGS.

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