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Summary0001560: Wave Beam interacting with Penumbra Mirrors causes game to stall/freeze.
DescriptionWith Wave Beam equipped, shooting at the mirrors point blank causes the shots fixate and weave from the mirror. While it is arguable this is intentional, there is stability issues with this as the game can stall or freeze when continuing to do this. Unsure if it relies on the OS played on.
Steps To Reproduce-Obtain Wave Beam before entering Penumbra
-Find a Mirror. They always spawn in the mid-stage boss and occasionally in the level
-Get point blank to the Mirror with Wave Beam equipped, and fire Normal shots
-Long repeated action of the above can cause the game to procedurally stall occasionally
-Longer repeated action can freeze the game completely
Additional InformationOff recorded footage, the game completely freezes after further testing.
Tagsfreeze , Penumbra , wave beam
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2022-01-18 23:20

administrator   ~0008284

Fixed in 0.31.

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