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000154530XX Bugs30XX Bugspublic2021-09-26 15:46
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Summary0001545: HP Decreases below starting HP Cause Thorned Hull to Decrease your attack
DescriptionI played a daily challenge with Hysteria (every aug pickup gives 2 copies), and I picked up Thorned Hull (attack increases with HP), and got 2x, then I picked up Glass Cannon (HP down, Attack up, Power Damage up), and got 2x. These were pretty much the only augs I picked up at that point. What I expected would happen, was I would not gain any attack through Thorned Hull, but I would still gain 4 attack from the 2 Glass Cannon. What happened instead was I gained no attack and lost 4 HP and gained 4 power damage. If I had been already sitting on a bunch of HP buffs, this net 0 attack change in exchange for 4 HP loss is something I would have expected, but I had no HP buffs at that point. It feels like Thorned Hull from its description should be built such that the minimum attack modification it should be able to provide is 0, it should be unable to go into negative, yet it is currently able to supply negative modification to your attack. I was essentially punished for having picked up Thorned Hull earlier once I picked up Glass Cannon, because with only Glass Cannon 2x my attack stat would have been 4 higher.
Steps To ReproduceDon't acquire any HP modifications yet
Acquire Thorned Hull
Take note of your current Attack value
Acquire Glass Cannon
Your attack value will remain unchanged
TagsGlass Cannon, Thorned Hull
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2021-09-26 15:46


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