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000154230XX Bugs30XX Bugspublic2021-09-18 20:03
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Summary0001542: Incorrect core augs in multi - Nina w/Ace weapon unable to shoot
DescriptionCompleted a challenge room in latest patch, got silver result. Ace (player 1) opened reward screen first - both available options were weapon core augs for Ace. Picked one (the spear I believe) and let Nina (player 2) open the screen. They had the same options, selected the spear as well, and found themselves making the shooting animation & sound, but no projectile or hitboxes. Tried to unequip the core aug, but this completely replaced Nina's default weapon either way.
Additional InformationSpecial weapons were still usable for Nina. Did not progress further enough to see if getting a Nina-based core aug would fix issue (though the situation shouldn't come up regardless).

Haven't had this issue in the past playing multiplayer.

I assume the new code for the reward tiers doesn't recheck the second player's character choice or perhaps just doesn't reselect a proper list of rewards.
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