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Summary0001492: Owl boss can be hit through door with charged wave beam
DescriptionI had the wave beam with Nina and the arm upgrade that lets you charge to an extra charge level, and just outside the initial door to the Owl boss if I fired the charge shots at the boss it played an animation for the boss getting hit. I shot at it for a while, but it didn't die and it didn't have any damage on it when I started the fight. Normal shots with the wave beam seemed to be blocked by the door, but charge shots of either charge level seemed to go through. The fact that normal shots were blocked by the door makes it seem like it wouldn't be intended for charge shots to get through. If someone thinks they can damage the boss in that situation, there's a good chance they'll waste their time with it like I did. This was my first run (I played a lot of 20XX), but it felt like the boss encounter was working as intended once I went in the door.
Steps To ReproducePlay as Nina
Acquire wave beam
(possibly acquire dragon arm for additional charge level, I didn't think to test deactivating any of the upgrades)
stand near boss door for Owl boss but don't enter
have screen scroll to where you can see the boss
fire charge shots that hit boss
Tagsboss, charge shot, hoot omega , owl , wave beam
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2021-09-15 16:46

administrator   ~0006692

Fixed in 0.24.

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