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000148930XX Bugs30XX Bugspublic2022-01-19 00:43
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PlatformPC / SteamOSWindows 10 Pro 
Summary0001489: Incorrect resolution + Freeze if resolution changed
DescriptionI switch the game from my screen 1 (1080p@60 graphics tablet) to my screen 2 (Acer 1080p@60 too), after the loading screen at the very beginning, the resolution changes, from 1920x1080 to 1768x992; if I dare to put 1920x1080 back, the game freezes completely quite often (The sound is still audible, but nothing reacts anymore) and I have to quit it by force

This bug is also present from 20XX
Steps To ReproduceJust go into settings
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2021-07-27 15:30


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2022-01-19 00:43

administrator   ~0008290

Fixed in 0.31.

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