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Summary0001481: Shopsmasher aug not working
DescriptionShopsmasher aug states: "Salvaging shop items costs half."

In practice, it still subtracts the full amount of nuts, but the popup text states the "correct" value; such as a 24 nut item still costs 24 nuts but the popup text says "-12"

Steps To ReproduceI was able to reproduce this effect in the same shop: first salvage item was quantum spook for 54 nuts. it took 54, popup said -27. Second item was purple potato (forget name) for 24 nuts. I had 18 remaining, it took all of them, popup said -12.

chunk: b7031866
Additional InformationFurther, if you have enough for the half cost salvage, but not enough for the full price, it will remove all your nuts. Ex: item costs 24 nuts, but I have 18. salvaging removes all 18 nuts, popup text still says "-12"
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2021-08-02 19:46

administrator   ~0006182

Fixed this in 0.22.2.

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