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000148030XX Bugs30XX Bugspublic2021-08-03 23:20
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Summary0001480: Air dashing and flying causes infinite hover
DescriptionFirst of all, I'm sorry that I'm reporting it late, but I didn't know how to report a bug before.
Due to the nature of the bug and my poor luck, I wasn't able to try it again in the newest patch, so I'm sorry if it's already been fixed, but the changelog doesn't mention it.

Having both the airdash boots and the 1-sec flight boots will cause an odd bug to happen if both are activated at once.
For the first second, it will behave like flying forwards using the flight, but after that the player will indefinitely hover in the same direction without stopping until the buttons are released or a wall is hit.
I will include screenshots, but on them it just looks like the player is either falling or flying normally.
Steps To Reproduce- Play as Ace (I don't know if the same thing happens with Nina)
- Get the Oxjack boots and the Owlhawk boots
- Jump and activate both of them at once by pressing the jump and dash button at the same time
- Watch the weird effect

I assume you have some tools to give starting cores, because so far I was unable to get both of those boots at the same time to reproduce the issue on the newest patch
But once both are equipped, triggering the weird hover glitch will always happen.
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2021-08-03 23:20

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Fixed for 0.23.

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