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000146730XX Bugs30XX Bugspublic2021-08-03 18:27
Reporteranonymous Assigned Toadministrator  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
PlatformPC/SteamOSWindows 10 
Summary0001467: Charge shot animation bug with Nina
DescriptionThere's a pretty small but reproducible animation bug with the charge shot. The recoil animation doesn't play and Nina simply stands there while a charge shot is fired. It has no affect on gameplay, but looks weird.
Steps To Reproduce1.) Charge up your "buster"
2.) Walk into a wall
3.) Turn around and fire
4.) The shot will come out, but lack any animation from Nina
Additional InformationThis bug can also show up after climbing as well, but doesn't occur 100% of the time. Normal shots always seem to animate properly though.
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2021-08-03 18:27

administrator   ~0006196

Fixed for 0.23.

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