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Summary0001449: Hoot Omega quick kill?
DescriptionI was just playing through HOOT OMEGA's level (BOLD) in Mega Mode, I was at the boss fight, at the last part where the boss stays around shooting at you before fleeing further into the level for the final battle, and in this specific level layout/seed, all I had available for positioning was a wall on the left, so I had to keep wall jumping and shooting at the boss from the wall.
Hoot was a little below half-health, this was the 3rd level (I skipped the 2nd), so I'm still doing very low damage, so it's in no way possible I actually killed the boss, but, rather, when he was supposed to fly away to the final location (where he'd no longer fly away), he just died instead, the screen froze like it normally does when a boss dies, but the boss's death animation did not occur, he just disappeared, but my character gave the usual thumbs up she does after a boss kill.

Oddities: you usually receive Potential after every boss kill that the boss drops upon death, but this time the boss didn't drop it.
I was able to continue all the way to the end of the boss area, and there I found the boss weapon as usual as well as the cube-thingy (still no Potential, though). I was also able to warp out of the level into the hub just fine, everything else seems to be normal, just thought I'd let you know this sort of "quick kill" seems to exist in the game, seemed like a bug.
Steps To ReproduceI tried to reproduce it once immediately afterwards but this time everything worked as usual, the boss escaped instead of dying, and flew to the final location where I was able to kill him normally and he dropped the Potential as usual too.
No idea if it's possible to reproduce this but you'd need a seed where the last mid encounter with the boss (before the final showdown) allows you to wall jump on the left, with the boss far to the right.
I have Thorned Hull, +2 Heart Container, and Vitaboost (+1 HP) that slightly boost my attack power, and I had killed one boss prior to this level (I skipped the 2nd level, so this Hoot Omega was BOLD-rank.
Can't think of other things but just in case: I also have +2 Core Extender, Armatort's Momentum (2 second version), and Toy Beam (I had it during the boss fight but I did NOT have it equipped).
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2021-08-03 18:33

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Fixed during 0.22.

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