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Summary0001441: Mega Mode Crash
Descriptionthe game keeps crashing after finishing the tutorial when I select Mega Mode. It only happens on the PC with an RTX 3070 but it worked fine on an old laptop. is there any fix for this? *update* I guess since the tutorial finished on the laptop I now have a save that allows Mega Mode on the PC with the RTX 3070 but still crashes when I start a new file with Mega Mode. Also wanna add that this a brand new PC less than a week old and I installed/unistalled the game and steam

*update 2* I can play Mega Mode on the save file but it seems to crash when I load the burning temple
Steps To Reproducetry creating a new Mega Mode file
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2021-06-02 15:31

administrator   ~0006129

Hey there - could you zip the contents of your Documents/30XX/ folder and send it to chris AT batterystaplegames DOT com? Haven't heard a report of this one yet, so a bit hard to pin down.


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