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Summary0001409: Infinite Flight by Combining Oxjack's Leg Core With Armartort's Leg Core or Owlhawk's Leg Core, and Other Bugs
DescriptionCombining Oxjack's Blitz with other leg cores causes several glitches. If you start a flight or hover, then cancel into a complete Airdash, that will make it so afterwards you do a flight/hover at dash speed.

Works the other way around too with different results. If you air dash first, cancel into flight/hover, but then continue to hold the dash button, you will then move in the direction of the air dash for an infinite distance so long as you hold the dash button.
Additional InformationSeveral video clip examples start here:
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2021-08-03 18:20

administrator   ~0006194

Fixed infinite flight in 0.23. Left the other half in for now. (Intentional, maybe?)

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