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000140530XX Bugs30XX Bugspublic2021-08-03 21:36
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Summary0001405: Mega Mode co-op lockup on loading screen after beating level
DescriptionSpecifically after beating a level during Mega Mode in co-op, the game will be softlocked on the loading screen for me, needing me to force quit the game. It doesn't seem to softlock when failing a level, though; just finishing it. This happens whether both players are alive or one is dead when using the teleporter.
Steps To Reproduce1. Mega Mode
2. Co-op
3. Beat level and enter teleporter back to hub
Additional InformationI've only beaten two levels, so I've only (accidentally) tested it twice, but it has happened both times when beating levels.
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2021-08-03 21:36

administrator   ~0006206

This this one a few patches ago.

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