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000140130XX Bugs30XX Bugspublic2021-04-30 17:53
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PlatformSteamOSWindows 10 
Summary0001401: Entities Teleport slightly after latest patch
DescriptionSome things like to teleport, a single time.
Its more noticeable the faster you are and they just come on screen, specifically in the stage with all the clockwork stuff. I've seen it happen to the circular gear mobs that roll along the floor and walls, The rotating platforms that move (They keep the rotation but will teleport up or down as if they are desync-ed), and finally the flying bird/bug things.
Steps To ReproducePlay the clockwork stage with a high move speed and try to go as quickly as you can. It can also occur with the Platforms in the Red Portal Trial rooms but again it only happens once, then it doesn't happen again.
Additional InformationI didn't notice any issue until the patch 30XX 0.18.6
Its quite hard to notice, usually only occurs for a few frames (I would estimate it at around 30 frames of the entity being on screen), and doesn't happen for everything just once in a while, It might even only happen when your transitioning to a new 'area'.

I ONLY noticed it in the clockwork stage (I don't know the exact name for it)
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