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Summary0001392: AutoTank does not work when in Online Play as Client
DescriptionRegardless of how filled your AutoTank is, upon "death" the auto tank will not work as the client. What happens is that you will lose all of your health, still be alive, but any change to your state that occurs will instantly kill you even though on the Host's side, the auto tank claimed to have worked and it will list you as having more HP than what you really have as the client (zero).

If you were to collect health, instead of gaining HP and living, instead it kills you.

If you use NRG you die.

Steps To ReproduceBe the client in an online game.

Fill up the auto-tank in any capacity. Full or partial

Drain your HP to Zero

AutoTank will "work" and you will be left alive with 0 HP and a spent auto tank, but you will be left alive with 0 HP.

Collecting Health or spending any NRG will instantly kill you.
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