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000133230XX BugsGeneralpublic2022-01-19 00:42
Reporternanoroll Assigned Toadministrator  
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PlatformSteamOSWoindows 10 
Summary0001332: Loading editor chunks while playing in Mega mode send you to the boss selection screen but out of bounds.
DescriptionWhile playing on 'Mega mode' and standing on the level selection screen, if you open the editor and load a chunk by selecting 'Play Chunk' you will be teleported to the same selection screen but outside of the boss selection area, also the music changes to Highvault theme as if you were in a level. You can even see the difficulty modifier from outside of the room. (See attachment).

To go back to boss selection screen you need to end the run.

Tested March 24 2021
v 0.16.4
By nanoroll
Steps To Reproduce1) Start a game on mega mode.
2) While standing on the selection screen, open the editor.
3) On the editor choose a Chunk and select "play chunk".
4) Confirm that you are teleported out of bounds.

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2021-03-25 04:57


MegaMode_OutofBounds.png (190,694 bytes)   
MegaMode_OutofBounds.png (190,694 bytes)   


2022-01-19 00:42

administrator   ~0008288

Fixed awhile ago, I think!

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