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000131930XX Bugs30XX Bugspublic2021-06-02 18:14
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Summary0001319: Ace - Lasting Hitbox from Zen Ascent
DescriptionUsing Zen Ascent with Ace near a wall and cancelling the animation causes the hitbox from ZA to remain in around Ace until he uses ZA again, uses his basic attack, or uses another power. This does not appear to be a level specific issue, but I recommend going to Penumbra to really see how it works. Try it and then stand next to a switch for the RGB platforms and watch the magic.
Steps To Reproduce1. Use Zen ascent close to a wall
2. After making contact with the wall, wall jump to cancel the animation
3. Walk towards an attackable object or enemy and they should take damage if performed properly
Additional InformationThe hitbox only seems to affect each enemy/chest once. To hit them with it again, you have to proc the glitch again.
The hitbox has no downtime when hitting switches.
The hitbox is not always directly in front of Ace. Sometimes it reaches underneath him and quite a bit it will also reach above him.
Its damage is not based off of your power damage, surprisingly, but it deals the damage of an uncharged basic attack.
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2021-06-02 18:14

administrator   ~0006143

Nice catch! Fixed for 0.20.

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