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Summary0001314: Air dash close to ground allows air jump. (How to jump on Lava)
DescriptionUsing Oxjack's Blitz Core (Air Dash) close to the ground allows to jump in the air as if the dash was performed on ground. This behavior can be reproduced continuously even over lava. It seems like the air dash is counted as grounded dash on a space very close to the actual ground.

Tested March 19 2021 on normal mode.
By Nanoroll

V0.16.1, b6367185
Steps To Reproduce1) Aquire Oxjack's Blitz Core (Air Dash)
2) Jump, and before touching the ground (very close to the ground) press 'dash button'.
3) Jump Immediately after air dash. (You have only a few frames window).
4) Confirm the jump was made in the 'air'

For Lava jump repeat steps 2 to 4 over a lava pit. (See attachment).
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2021-03-19 07:38


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