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Summary0001304: I got stuck on Omega Hoot Fight. (Not attacking the boss has consequences.)
DescriptionWhen fighting Omega Hoot, I decided to pass it without hitting it . That resulted on Owl staying on the spot, not triggering the 'escape' to the next location. I continued to advance through the level and got to the finish point. However since I did not hit the boss, Omega Hoot didn't reach the finish point.

The problem was that I tried to return to deal damage to the boss normally, however a particular section, with a platform activated by a switch, was impossible to pass backwards (see attachment) . Since I cannot reach the boss I got stuck in the fight forced to take damage until die.

Note: Maybe not related , but I was playing on 'Mega mode'

Tested March 15 2021
version 0.16.1 b6367185
by nanoroll
Steps To Reproduce1) Initiate battle with Owl Boss.
2) When facing it avoid dealing damage and instead continue your journey to the finish room.
3) Boss will not be there since you never hit it.
4) If for some reason you traverse through the 'chunk' with a platform activated by a switch you are stuck.
5) It is possible to take damage, but that concludes the run.

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2021-10-25 23:54

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Fixed in 0.25.

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