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000118630XX BugsGeneralpublic2021-02-22 23:06
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PlatformPCOSWindows 10 Pro N 
Summary0001186: [Absolution] [Mid-Boss] Lava loaded for the mid-boss encounter when triggered return player back behind closed gate.
DescriptionThis issue occurred once. On standard mode.
Steps To Reproduce1. Start 30XX 0.15.7.
2. Choose standard Gameplay.
3. Reach Absolution stage.
4. Reach Mid-Boss (Mirror images, one dark one bright?) /pnumbra/A5_miniboss/pu_miniboss_hk_A3.30lv (for reference but note that it's taken from "mega mode").
5. Fall straight into lava.

The character will respawn behind the gate, making it impossible to beat the mid-boss.

I was able to beat it because I had ACE, through time and luck, slashing thought the door. Being NINA would have become a blocker.
Additional InformationThis is my first bug, please let me know how you expect bugs to be formed, and I'll adapt. I'm sorry I wasn't recording at the time, so no files were gathered. I set priority to the lowest I think it affects the game, leaving the hammer to pump it up according to your needs/priorities.

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