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000103730XX BugsGeneralpublic2021-02-23 16:44
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Summary0001037: Spicy Incense can be abused for infinite power increase in mega mode
DescriptionIt's the item with the red syringe as an icon
While in mega mode, with the help of this item, you can increase attack power without limits. And the method is very simple for doing so.

Steps To Reproduce1) Start game in mega mode
2) Acquire this item
3) Die
4) Select any level from the hub
5) Die again
You now have +1 attack power.
Repeat the same steps
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2021-02-17 19:40

reporter   ~0004798

Whoops, selected the wrong Severity category, my bad


2021-02-17 19:53

reporter   ~0004799

Also works if instead of dying, you simply quit the level


2021-02-23 15:59

reporter   ~0004923

Yes, also noticed. I think for items that add +1 per game level, it should just check how many levels are cleared (grayed out) and multiply by that number.

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