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000203530XX Bugs30XX Bugspublic2024-06-18 07:20
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Summary0002035: Revenants unlocked and Titan Shards earned by clearing Ellie's Gauntlet
DescriptionI booted up the game, did a failed Entropy 7 run with Asceticism 2, Still Waters 1, and Destined Fate, went over to the community side of the hub through the teleporter, and cleared Ellie's Gauntlet with 20 lives, normal difficulty, average to amazing quality, any verified status, and puzzle only. I decided to enable both Asceticism levels, one Still Waters, and both Exalted Defenders for kicks.

When I cleared it, I got 3 Titan Shards and unlocked Revenants as if I had done a legit clear of normal.
I also re-ran it with only Asceticisms, and got another 3 shards.

This is a big issue as it trivializes obtaining Titan Shards.
Steps To ReproduceUnknown for Revenants as I'm not willing to risk my progress to check. For Titan Shards, start a new game in the normal hub with a new high level of Entropy, then lose it and go to the Community side and do Ellie's Gauntlet with the same entropy.
Additional InformationThis feels like such an obvious bug that it might be intentional.
Tags30XX , Community Levels , entropy , Revenants
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