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Summary0001978: Community Level Soft Lock [NOT Wild West]
DescriptionThere is a community level using the Deepverse map with a soft lock area built into it. You are able to jump into a small alcove, but you cannot exit.

Seed is "sc3jzr"

As I'm not sure how community levels might be tracked down (i.e. if the seed is enough on its own or more info is needed) or what parts of them are fixed vs. random, the cat gave me a choice of Spiral Beam, Zookeeper's Phalanx, and one other item; Delta was present offering the Thorned Avenger in exchange for +100% Boss HP, and there was a Very Safe Lab before this soft-lock area where one of the choices was the Symbol of Submission. (I don't remember the other choice.)
Steps To ReproduceStarted Community Level.
Jumped into alcove while exploring/progressing.
Tried to walk out, dash out, jump out, wall slide out, etc. with no success.
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2024-04-17 17:28


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