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000193730XX Bugs30XX Bugspublic2024-02-27 03:48
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Summary0001937: Teleport function breaks final (final) boss area
DescriptionFinished an Entropy 32 run (but not really); got to the final (final) boss, and one of my repros struck the killing blow while I was grounded and holding the teleport button to skip the cutscene. The skip went off while charging the teleport, and I let the teleport go off roughly at the same time as the screen fade-in from black took place. I wound up outside the final boss arena and voided out back to the final (final) boss's arena, which locked me in and prevented me from leaving.
Steps To ReproduceHold the teleport button down as a repro defeats the final (final) boss, then release once the <teleportButton> to skip prompt finishes filling up.
TagsNo Entropy , teleport
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