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Summary0001927: A few bugs I see in endless mode (or normal mode as well?)
Descriptionegg and save related:
1. The egg will only hatch after 3 stage clears from the save. ie clear stage counts reset when loading from saves.
2. Somehow hatched eggs reappear after loading a save when they have already hatched - and they will hatch again in 3 stages

aug rng:
Not sure if this is intended - but some augs seem never appearing in certain (endless) runs.
I tested this either by
1. no madness fountain, salvage (can get hundreds of scraps each time with hysteria and sleuth stacks), and trade into random augs with trader
2. trick tock + wincing clover into basically infinite rerolls at very safe lab and in shop. (I tested with madness fountain)
In one run I cannot get twinifier. In the other run, I cannot get smugger attractor, shopaholic, or thorned hull.
(Could it be that they appeared at some point but I missed them in stage? Some augs can only appear once per run it seems - whether I take it or not. In this case - I would recommend the constraint to be lifted as can only be acquired once.)
By the way rerolls with madness fountain seem to have a fixed category pattern - it rotates between prototypes, regular augs, and cores. Is that intended?

too high HP/armor -
combining armor integrator and final shell I can grow HP/armor ~3x each combo - but it shows something like +-20xxxx when the value goes above 20 million.
This should be very far away from any kind of integer overflow - so not sure why it happens.
When this had happened and when I entered boss stage afterwards - somehow the boss became invincible, and I have to quit the run.
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