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Summary0001921: [minor/simple] Datalore Check
DescriptionOne of the base levels, which may or may not contain datalore thus far - appears to have no points in it with which to *collect* said Datalore Modules. Now, bear in mind that I've only played on Standard Mode, not Mega Mode... and that it's also entirely possible that I just have some wackadoodle cosmic juju where I just never in what, nearly two years now? a seed that *contains* the Datalore Modules, so it's more a quick check to see if it's me and my luck, or if there's just nowhere in the game to collect them. I'm not entirely sure which level it pertains to (I'm leaning *slightly* towards Echocave because I can't specifically recall ever having collected one there).
Steps To ReproduceJust open the game, pause at the hub or wherever you're controlling a character and not a menu, and go to Datalore.
TagsDatalore, Echocave
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