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Summary0001874: Things that grant multiple cores/weapons don't remove them from the pool
DescriptionThe option at the scrap trader which lets you trade all your scrap for random cores does not remove those cores from the item pool, so you can still find another copy of the same core later in the run. This can be more easily seen by using the trader with a lot of scrap.

Also, the prototype which grants all weapons while randomly switching between them doesn't remove any of those weapons from the pool, so you can find another copy. This one may be intentional though since it's a prototype.
Steps To ReproduceGet lots of scrap (I had 20-some, more will make it more likely) before using the core trade option at the scrap trader, then continue with the run.

The weapon prototype one is so common that you're almost guaranteed to see it if you get the item early in a run.
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