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000187030XX Bugs30XX Bugspublic2023-10-13 07:55
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Summary0001870: Wild West Mode Skip Chunk Instead Takes You to Previous Chunk
DescriptionWhen attempting to skip a seemingly-impossible (or at the very least ridiculously precise) chunk, I found that the skip feature did not take me to the next chunk, but instead took me to the previous chunk.

When this first occurred, I was in zone 3 Penumbra as Nina with all the enemy/boss health up and stage extension entropies at their max level, but in further testing it always seemed to happen. Most notably, if tried at the beginning of a stage the game will crash, presumably from attempting to load a chunk that doesn't exist. I sent a crash report after the first crash, which might help if you are able to find it.

I did some limited testing afterward, and confirmed that it happens when playing as Ace, without entropy on, and with either keyboard or controller, though I did not disconnect my controller when using keyboard.
Steps To ReproduceEnter Wild West Run
Use Skip Chunk
Additional InformationI've attached my memory index as it was when I first encountered the bug in case it matters for any reason, but I suspect it's irrelevant.
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2023-10-13 07:55


Memory Index.png (1,118,320 bytes)

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