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000186030XX Bugs30XX Bugspublic2023-10-02 05:38
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PlatformSteamOSWindows 10 
Summary0001860: Remnant of Sorrow ingame description update
DescriptionRemnant of Sorrow: "HP is converted to NRG as needed!" There is nothing to indicate that you still need a max NRG sufficient for one use of the power.

I thought I'd hit the jackpot when I got Remnant of Sorrow while already having Obliteration Pulse (Crushing Void+Negation Pulse) with the Desperate Void Aug, which increases the NRG cost to 1000 (which should be 50 HP with RoS). But I get a 'no energy!' message when trying to use the power; lunchbag letdown.
Steps To ReproduceCombine Crushing Void with Negation Pulse, get the Desperate Void and Remnant of Sorrow Augs, try to use the combined power with less than 1000 max NRG.
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