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Summary0001859: Environment Configurator (level 2 upgrade) either doesn't work or has the function icons inverted

With the environmental configurator (level 2), ticking a level ✔️ makes it more likely to appear much later in the run, while putting a cross over it makes it appear ❌ earlier (contrary to the instructions)

I've had several runs observing this:
* Boss Rush mode (the ticked stage would only appear after zone 4 despite 3 stages being available at a time).
* With Destined Path Entropy: I tried this on separate runs with Ace and Nina, and the chosen levels (Echo Cave for Ace and Deepverse for Nina) did not appear until the very latest possible stages (7th and 8th)
* I just had a run where I marked the Burning Temple to appear late in the run; it appeared in stage 3 (Destined Path)

Requested behavior:
* Ticking a level makes it appear within the first four levels (including with Destined Path active)
* Marking a level with an X makes it appear in stages 5-8 with destined path active.
Steps To ReproduceAt the Hub:
* Navigate to the Memory index.
* Select Memory index->Environment Configurator
tick/cross two stages.
* Turn on Destined Path Entropy.
* Make a note of the level they occur during the run.

Additional InformationI tend to play the game in short sessions, so save and load between stages.

Thanks again for listening to and applying Feedback with both games!

Best regards from Anthony
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