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Summary0001856: Delta's "No cores" challenge doesn't always let you pick cores again unless you save and come back
DescriptionSometimes after taking Delta's "no cores this level challenge" you can't equip cores after you've beaten the boss. This happens when you have the entropy level raised by not allowing inventory swaps mid-level.

The expectation is that after the end of the level, you should be able to adjust your powers before picking the next zone.

Saving and quitting and reloading will let you adjust your powers again, though.
Steps To ReproduceAdd entropy levels with the option that doesn't let you change powers / cores mid level.
Do a Delta challenge for "No Cores this level."
Beat the stage.
The reward room that usually lets you change cores, even with the entropy selection won't let you do it unless you save and quit and reload.
Additional InformationIt's not game breaking, but it can get you killed for sure.
TagsCore , delta , power , Switch
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