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000185530XX Bugs30XX Bugspublic2023-09-13 10:59
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Summary0001855: No shield works against Crushing Void (not usually a problem except when fighting Delta with attack lock curse)
DescriptionSeed: s0x4uz
Entropy level: 11
Level 2: burning temple (Delta challenge)


Today I got into a combat challenge with Delta, with the condition that I would not be able to use any weapons or powers if I got hit for 3 seconds.

No problem, I thought, I'll just block his ranged attacks with either the Echo or Edge Wall Shield.

I then found his chosen attacks were spear throw/autodrone and Crushing Void.
I found that neither shield worked against Crushing Void forcing me to jump every time he used the ability...right into auto drone fire (from both sides) and freezing me again for 3 seconds.

Being unable to attack and being forced to take damage everytime he used that ability, I just had to wait for a break in him using that ability; as I nervously watched my heath drop from 14 to 0, than chew through a full auto tank.
I was fortunate enough to survive due to having a spare auto tank.

I know not to expect things to be easy at 11 entropy, but it's worth investigating to keep the game's quality of being able to avoid all forms of damage with careful play, and not getting stun locked.

As always (in both 20XX and 30XX),
Thanks for listening :)
Tagsbalance, Crushing Void, delta , fairness
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