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000183330XX Bugs30XX Bugspublic2023-08-26 02:39
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PlatformPCOSWindows 10 
Summary0001833: Multiple input modes should be accepted at the same time.
DescriptionI often play games while logged into to mumble, discord, or steam VOIP. I use push-to-talk to speak on these (using a foot pedal to trigger the bound key). I play 30xx with a controller. Whenever I press my push-to-talk button, the game switches to keyboard input mode and drops any controller inputs I'm currently pressing. For example, if I'm sliding down a wall (hold left or hold right) and press my push-to-talk my character drops off the wall because the game is no longer applying the controller inputs.

Controls recover as soon as I press anything on the controller again, but I have to release and press the same button again if I want it apply again.
Steps To Reproduce1. Get controller and keyboard inputs set up.
2. Load in as Nina.
2. Turn off auto-charge.
3. Use the controller to begin charging an normal attack.
4. Without releasing the controller button, press any button on the keyboard. (including buttons that are not bound to any action, such as f13.)

This will cause Nina to fire the charge shot when she should not.
Additional InformationThis is a really minor QoL improvement that probably won't impact many users.
TagsController, Input , keyboard
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