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Summary0001828: Gapminder Inop
DescriptionAs of 8/23/23 the gap minder repro did not work when hitting spikes or lava. It played the sound effect, but Nina still took damage, it's occurred through at least two runs so far. Various Augs equipped, with entropy around 20. I'll try to get you screenshots later when I get another one.
On the current run I've saved my space and am currently using the following cores: sniper, draco double jump and extra charge, repro 10 percent no damage chance, and armortort hover boots and armor head. The cores equipped did not overlap between runs and were each different.
Augs I can recall at the moment are double lil' hoot, double health change spikes, face smasher, doppelganger gel, armor and health start pills. More to follow.
Steps To ReproduceTwo runs, both with gap minder repro obtained.
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