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Summary0001778: Scrap Incarnate Dustria Softlock with 1/1 Max HP
DescriptionI was working on the alternate ending stuff today, and discovered that when I went to Scrap Incarnate Dustria with a giant pile of armour, and 1/1 health that the only way forward was through a door that required Health, which I cannot gain. I would understand if this door also let you pay armour, but as of now I've tried multiple times to figure out a way through the door with no success. Unsure if the area can generate with an alternate passage normally, but this is how mine generated.

Using the Stuck feature doesn't remedy the issue, either.
Steps To ReproduceReduce Max HP to 1/1 through Prototypes, get 50 scrap, go to Dustria, Health Payment Door Locked
Additional InformationChunk Name is CoreGenesis.30flv
TagsProgression , Prototype , Soft Lock
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