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000175030XX Bugs30XX Bugspublic2023-07-26 18:39
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Summary0001750: I'm losing frames, but I lose my button inputs as well.
DescriptionI've submitted some reports before, but as this happens to various degrees, I'm also adding in that I lose my button inputs when the frames drop, to the point I was in a very shallow bed of spikes and could normally just hop out over a short overhang, but I couldn't even manage that from 3/4ths of health. I couldn't teleport either when holding down the shoulder button, so the result was a very slow and painful death.
Steps To ReproduceIt happens most when I'm playing multiplayer with a friend, doesn't really seem dependent on being a host or guest. Just normal gameplay seems to cause this to be the end result, carries into the lobby as well.
Additional InformationThis problem happened once before in a much older update. Recent updates seem to have brought this problem back full force though and it's gotten both better and worse with recent patches.
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