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Summary0001744: Sealing Record Key doesn't count towards the Rev Device requirements?
DescriptionCollecting the Sealing Record Key in the tutorial level doesn't seem to count towards the Dev Revice's item requirements, nor unlocks the pod relevant to it. It was done with a fairly old save that I had since... I dunno, since the game used to offer only two stages?
Steps To Reproduce> Go back to the Tutorial Level from the main menu
> Collect the Sealing Record Key
> Alexia acknowledges you got the key and it shows on the quest items, but the box on the Rev Device relative to it doesn't check, nor the pod tied to the key does
Additional InformationDone on a pretty old save that I have since I dunno, the Early Access Demos. Also tested it on a brand new save, same problem.
TagsProgression , you need to go use the key
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has duplicate 0001827 new Sealing Record Key doesn't count towards the Rev Device requirements? 


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