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Summary0001736: Timers on obstacles, on death, can make levels impossible to complete
DescriptionVersion: 0.55.3, b11509030
Feature: Community Levels
Bug: Sometimes when you die, timers for obstacles reset to make the level impossible to complete:
Description: When you die, some obstacles on screen can keep their positions but reset their timers in a way such that it makes it impossible to complete a level. This was tested only in a community level
Notes: I did not try reproducing this more than once but I did test to see if I could fix it in game
Steps To Reproduce* This is for this specific level but it could be recreated in any level that uses the crushers and/or the same kind of timers crushers use
1) Open Community Maker level
2) Open Whip Hell
3) Complete it until there is a section with 4 spiked crushers and a wing panel
4) With 1 hit of damage left, traverse the obstacles until only the first crusher in the sequence is fully extended, everything else is retracted and die
* The crushers (might) be out of sync making the level impossible to finish
Additional InformationAttached videos from a stream. The death shows the state of the crushers before the desync and when dying, the result just shows how they are moving after
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2023-06-21 04:35


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