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000173530XX Bugs30XX Bugspublic2023-06-21 02:14
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Summary0001735: Double Error Report
DescriptionFirst thing for this report Delta when challanged using A-Saber when blade toss is used it does not harm the player in any way just goes right through the player.
Second error is when using Shopaholic in online co-op the player who doesn't Purchace or Scrap the item in the shop will only get the option that the partner selected. Example Both player One and Player 2 both own Shopaholic, Player 1 Buys Mistimed protector Player 1 will gain Mistimed protector and the three scrap however Player 2 will only gain the item not the scrap.
Steps To ReproduceFirst Error at anypoint Delta throws A-saber unleash it will proceed through the player 100% of the time doesnt matter if its close or far.
Second Error, play online co-op gain shopaholic on both players and try to buy something from the shop as either player, the player who didn't purchace or scrap the item will only get what the other player decided to do be it buy or scrap.
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