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000173430XX Bugs30XX Bugspublic2023-08-22 14:44
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Summary0001734: "Help, I'm Stuck" placed me between the two boss doors, boss didn't load properly
DescriptionI was playing on Wild West mode, if that matters.

I managed to climb above the level and went along the "roof" past the end of the stage. When I realized I'd reached the end and couldn't get back in, I used the Stuck button. It teleported me to a spot after the first boss door but before the second.

When I went into the boss room (Penumbra), he hadn't loaded any behavior. He just floated in place, and all of my attacks dealt 0 damage. Using Stuck again just teleported me right back into the boss room. I couldn't progress and had to end the run.
Steps To Reproduce-Climb up outside of level
-Run past end of level
-Use "Help, I'm Stuck"
-Enter boss room
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