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Summary0001721: New Crushing Void + Whirling Rend Fusion Free Cost Bug
DescriptionIssue may be present only in online co-op. Untested in solo. Only appeared for player 2 in network co-op.

As of v0.53 with Nina's new fusions, Crushing Void's fusion with Rending Whirl (the shredding AoE around Nina) has a feature where it doesn't turn off or consume energy sometimes after Nina runs out of energy. Effect was inconsistent to trigger, but if triggered, meant the power was free for user until they transitioned between levels or died (or presumably, tried activating the power again).

Bit of a Heisenbug. May have triggered due to usage with Corruption Helm. The two times I intentionally triggered it, I waited until I was corrupted and activated the ability. The ability drained my energy regardless of my Corruption status and usage of the Corruption helm. If I hit 0 energy before the helm ran out, the effect continued, my corruption dissipated, my energy bounced back to 11, and the power kept running at 0 cost. I was not limited in my normal buster capabilities or usage of other powers.

I stopped being able to trigger it after level 4 (I think) at which point my Energy capacity had dropped from 60 to 40, though I don't know if these factors had an effect or I just wasn't able to trigger it correctly again.
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