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Summary0001720: [Online Co-op] Powerful Daily Modifier Fusion Feature
DescriptionAfter changes to Nina's fusion features in v0.53, the Powerful ability has an unintended fusion capability.

Previously, picking up a power would replace the slot 1 Power and overwrite it, giving a duplicate power. Now, it forms a fusion with whatever power exists in slot 1. Users are then free to swap the power with whatever other power they want, and the picked-up power will fuse with whatever's in slot 1.

Powers equipped:
  1) Rending Whirl
  2) Negation Pulse
  3) Crystal Wave

User picks up Autodrone Power (no slots available).
Slot 1 Power becomes Hoot Cheerleader (new fusion of Rending Whirl and Autodrone).
User swaps Hoot Cheerleader with Negation Pulse power.
Slot 1 power becomes the new friendly face fusion while Slot 2 becomes Rending Whirl.
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