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000171230XX Bugs30XX Bugspublic2023-04-19 23:41
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Summary0001712: Potentia are not dropped for the guest in multiplayer.
DescriptionWhen playing with a friend, as of the latest update, I have not been receiving Potentia for completing higher levels of entropy.

When hosting, the level of entropy being completed still increments for both players, but as host you receive the reward while the other player does not. Didn't notice this until much later on (as prior to update, the rewards were being given to both players), and now both myself and my friend have about eight levels completed since last time (a guess?) while only being rewarded for about half of those perhaps.
Steps To ReproduceHost a game. Have a friend join. Complete all the way to the end of the run successfully and pick up the 8 potentia after defeating the last boss.
Additional InformationWe have been steady on the rewards prior to the last update (?), but since the update after getting into the swing of things again, I only noticed after a couple of times completing our runs when I didn't have anything further to allow me to purchase upgrades.
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