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000170630XX Bugs30XX Bugspublic2023-04-01 05:17
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Summary0001706: [Online Co-op] Last Second Character Swap Bug
DescriptionWas starting up an Online Co-Op 30XX Daily Flavor Run and I swapped from Nina to Ace a second before my friend (the host) started the run up. I was a second red Ace and could attack / Unleash like normal, but my friend saw Nina shooting on his screen.

I was offered Nina beam weapons in shops, was rewarded Nina boss powers, etc. I couldn't take Nina boss powers because it was "Not my item" (presumably thought I was P1 Ace locally). I was able to my friend's Ace boss power (Osafune) and as soon as I used it, he crashed out.
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2023-04-01 05:17


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