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000170330XX Bugs30XX Bugspublic2023-03-18 01:43
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Summary0001703: Mystery Dice Augment doesn't go away
DescriptionMystery Dice Augment was not cleared between games (megamode initially to normal)
Steps To ReproduceIn Mega mode, I picked up the Very Sus Augment that gave all of my enhancements a 30% chance to be something else and everything was a mystery dice. I completed MegaMode. I then started a new MegaMode file. Everything remained a mystery die, it didn't clear in a new profile. I then went to normal mode (non mega) and it didn't carry over when buying items before a run, but then did carry over in the run. Finally, upon restarting the game it cleared it.
Additional InformationWas playing as Nina, completed the mega mode, then was trying to beat it with a decent amount of entropy. Did not complete the game with entropy.
TagsMegaMode , SusAugments , ThxMuchDevs
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