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Summary0001692: 0001691 replicates. Also, can't seem to create a MantisBT account.
DescriptionI have a replication of issue 0001691, the issue with a Clockzone enemy traveling through walls as if attatched to an invisible rotating platform- this time with one of the hanging-spider enemies. But I can't seem to find a way to amend that ticket as an anonymous user, or for that matter to create a MantisBT account to see if registered users can do it. The first attempt hung for ten minutes after I filled out the Captcha at and clicked 'Signup', the second attempt claimed that a confirmation E-mail had been sent that doesn't seem to be in my inbox after thirty minutes and isn't in my spam folder.
Steps To ReproduceOccurs sporadically upon visiting Clockzone
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2023-01-15 23:11


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