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000166730XX Bugs30XX Bugspublic2022-10-21 06:54
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Summary0001667: Visual Glitch with Ace using Osafune
DescriptionVisual Glitch when Ace uses Osafune after normal attacking with Thanatos. Ace's sprite appears to be split apart when performing the hitbox of the Power. Will return to normal after the animation is complete, but will occur every time Osafune is used until attacking with another weapon. Simply equipping another weapon doesn't change the outcome; you have to actually attack with another weapon in order for the glitch to not occur.
Steps To ReproduceEquip the Thanatos weapon and perform any normal attack (grounded or aerial, charged or not). After performing a normal attack with Thanatos, perform the Osafune ability while in the air.
Additional InformationI attempted to make an account with this website, but I never received the confirmation emails, so if there are questions, Discord is Sword_Kirby#8568
Tagsosafune , thanatos , visual
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2022-10-21 06:54


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