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Summary0001654: Vagrant set corruption-vent bug
DescriptionI'm not sure which combination of items is causing this, but:

For sure part of it: Playing Nina, equipped with Vagrant's Yearn and Vagrant's Dissonance.

Possibly part of it: Have Efficient Void and Resonant Buster.

Possibly the most important: Have Rending Whirl synergized with Crushing Void.

During corruption vent, I discovered I was able to use Rending Whirl despite not having Vagrant's Sonata (neither equipped nor in inventory). Doing so immediately ends the venting status. Doing so costs no power, just as if Sonata were equipped and active.

I tested Rending Whirl by itself and Crushing Void synergized with Jagged Bolt, but both were blocked as appropriate by venting status. It appears that Rending Whirl + Crushing Void is the guilty party.
Steps To ReproduceRending Whirl + Crushing Void during vent. Efficient Void may or may not be necessary.
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